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Mandibular Advancement Splints Help Snorers

What is snoring?
by Jayne Carberry, Nathaniel Marshall, Danny Eckert – Guest bloggers
Noisy breathing or snoring is the sound that occurs due to vibrations of tissues in the throat (e.g. uvula, soft palate and tongue banging on the throat wall) during sleep. Prevalence estimates vary, likely because there is no systematic approach to ‘quantifying’ snoring. In one large population epidemiology study, 50% of the adult population self-reported snoring. People who are overweight with increased neck fat or those who have enlarged tonsils or adenoids are more likely to snore. The repetitive vibrations can cause inflammation in nose and throat which can further perpetuate the vicious cycle of snoring. Men (middle-aged) are at higher risk than women.

Untreated snoring is not just the problem of a bed partner or family member. Snoring may cause daytime sleepiness and impaired memory. Snoring can also be a sign of another major medical condition, obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) where the upper airway narrows and collapses repetitively during sleep. Similar to OSA, it has been hypothesised that snoring may increase stroke risk .

Sometimes, simple strategies such as not sleeping on your back or avoiding alcohol can prevent snoring and its symptoms. Sadly, for others, it is not so simple and more invasive treatments are required. Some people have surgery or laser treatment to remove excess tissue in the pharynx or to remove the tonsils and adenoids. Some have injections to stiffen the soft palate to vibrate less. Others wear dental devices (mandibular advancement splints) to widen the airway by pushing the jaw forward during sleep. Unfortunately, upper airway surgery can be very painful and predicting who will respond favourably to snoring therapies is not easy.

RIPsnore Testimonial

I’m writing to you to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your amazing product!

I have endured trying to sleep next to what only can be described as a “chainsaw” for years and was coming to my wits end!

Apart from moving out of the bedroom I had run out of ideas? By chance I happened to read an article about Ripsnore and thought what do I have to loose? So I went to the local chemist and bought one for my husband. As it turns out I had nothing to loose and everything to gain, it’s amazing! It stopped his snoring immediately! Add to that he is now getting a full nights sleep, is no longer tired during the day and I am sleeping without a chainsaw next to me!

I can’t praise this simple, practical and effective Ripsnore enough, it really has changed our lives!

Thank you so much again!

Kind regards

Martina B.

“Globally 1/3 to 1/2 the population snore”

A detailed study on ‘Snore Ceasing Equipment market’ formulated by Persistence Market Research puts together a concise analysis of the growth factors impacting the current business scenario across assorted regions. Significant information pertaining to the industry’s size, share, application, and statistics are also summed in the report in order to present an ensemble prediction. In addition, this report undertakes an accurate competitive analysis illustrating the status of market majors in the projection timeline, while including their expansion strategies and portfolio.

Snoring is generally regarded as a first sign of obstructive sleep apnea. Although common among many adults, snoring is considered unhealthy on the long run as it leads to deprived oxygenation state during sleep and is found to be the major factor in increasing cardiac atherosclerosis, stroke and even natural death. Besides these obstructive sleep apnea is regarded as a big threat to the overall health to a person as it results in a number of other conditions like insomnia, lethargy, daytime sleepiness, weakened immunity,  blood pressure hypertension, anxiety, depression, gastrointestinal reflux disease, hypoxia, nerve damage, decreased motor and memory function, and many more. Snoring can be as a result of many factors itself, some of them being: obesity, alcohol or other sedative, muscular degeneration as a result of old age or muscular dystrophy,  obstruction of nasal cavity by the tongue/tonsil/oral plate, etc to name a few. Snoring is generally found to increase with age and is reportedly more common among men. Globally around 1/3 to ½ populations, depending upon the demographic region, are known to have snoring problems. In Philippines, folktales have been made around middle aged and older men suddenly dying in their sleep, which is often blamed on the local spirits that supposedly takes random souls away.

Global Snoring Control Devices Market: Key Trends

The increasing demand for homecare settings is the primary factor driving the global snoring control devices market. Elderly and severely ill individuals are unable to make frequent visits to hospitals and thus need monitoring devices that are suitable for homecare use. The availability of devices that are suitable for home-care provides convenience to these individuals to monitor their health in a cost-effective manner.

With the growing popularity of online sales channel, consumers can purchase anti snoring devices such as chin straps and nasal strips that saves visit to healthcare centers or physicians.

In terms of product type, the snoring control devices market is segmented into mandibular advancement device, nasal devices, expiratory positive airway pressure devices, tongue stabilizing device, and chin straps. Among these, mandibular advancement device stood as the leading product segment in the recent past. The advantages of mandibular advancement device include cost-effectiveness, availability of custom-made devices, and elimination of need of surgery for snoring treatment.

Testimonial for all :)

We don’t usually post testimonials because of the volume however, I did meet Simon at the APP2019 and made him a promise. So….

Hi Rohan,

I wish to thank you for suggesting your Ripsnore product to me. Since using it I have stopped snoring and find I have a better sleep. My partner reminds me if I don’t have it in that she will also not have a full sleep so it is a must have each night.

After going to a sleep apnoea doctor and having all the test I have found out I don’t have sleep apnoea. This still raised the question on my snoring. With many different products and procedures one can do I am glad I started with Ripsnore. Not only is it the cheapest option but have stopped me undergoing operations or introducing a machines that would not be practical for someone who travels for work plus has a wife sharing my bed.

Ripsnore is low cost, works and is simple to use without effecting your partner. Only upside is better sleep for the family and me.

From Simon V.

Anti-Snoring Market Overview:

The global anti-snoring market was valued at USD 1,006.56 million in 2018, and it is estimated to be valued at USD 1,842.33 million in 2024 while witnessing a CAGR of 10.60%. Increase in obesity and geriatric population, increasing smoking and alcohol consumption, technological advancements in anti-snoring devices, and increased awareness in the developed markets are the key factors responsible for the growth of the market.

Weight gain is a major contributor to the habit of snoring, because the peculiarities in weight gain is added in the elder population. According to the National Sleep Foundation, in 2017, snoring affected 90 million adults, and 37 million of them face snoring on a regular basis. Additionally, the body mass index (BMI) increases among the middle-aged people, who are at the greatest risk of health complications. In addition, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), the obese population tripled between 1975 and 2016. The WHO also stated that, in 2016, more than 1.9 billion adults were overweight and over 650 million were in the obese category. Among children, more than 40 million below the age of five were overweight or obese.

The aforementioned factors indicate that the increasing geriatric population and the rise in obesity are among the major factors for the growth of the anti-snoring market, globally.

Mouthguard For Snoring In Your Chemist

Mouthguard For Snoring In Your Chemist

Australia’s Number 1. Mouthguard For Snoring

The Sleep Health Foundation Survey 2016 indicates 43% of adults suffer mild, medium and chronic snoring.  So almost 1 in 2 of your customers or their partners walking through your chemist doors suffer from snoring.  This has many different negative effects on a snorers wake time behaviours, not to mention interrupting the sleep of their partners which causes tiredness, frustration and can put strain on the relationship.

RIPsnore is a proven solution to reduce or stop your snoring or your valued customer can get a full refund.  When the RIPsnore mandibular device is fitted correctly it will stop you snoring by slightly holding the lower jaw forward whilst sleeping which opens up the airway and stops the vibration which is what causes snoring. (more…)

Anti Snoring Devices RIPsnore™ Is Leading The Way

Anti Snoring Devices RIPsnore™ Is Leading The Way

Anti Snoring Devices | Australians Prefer RIPsnore™

Celebrating 10 years this year and 5 years available through chemists. Around the country RIPsnore is Australia’s number anti snoring device.  We are currently wholesaling through Symbion to major Chemist chains like Blooms The Chemist, TerryWhite Chemmart, Amcal, Pharmacy 777, Priceline Pharmacy and the list goes on.

Snoring can create social, relationship and health problems. For the partner as well as the snorer. Studies show that partners of those who snore find they have more health problems than those whose don’t. Health effects can include hearing loss and increased stress levels and much more.  (more…)

RIPsnore™ Anti Snoring Device Australia & Symbion

RIPsnore™ Anti Snoring Device Australia & Symbion

Anti Snoring Device Australia | RIPsnore™


Brisbane, QLD, Australia – June 20, 2017: The team at RIPsnore is proud to announce that their anti-snoring device is now available Nationally through the wholesale company, Symbion. RIPsnore is Australia’s number 1 anti-snoring device. We are sold in 800 chemists around the country. RIPsnore has made this announcement to inform all 7,500 chemists in Australia that they can now purchase RIPsnore through the wholesale company Symbion. Symbian being one of the largest suppliers to chemists in Australia. Chemists nationwide now have access to the stocks of RIPsnore through Symbion using the product number 424315.  (more…)

Stop Snoring And Let Your Partner Sleep

Stop Snoring And Let Your Partner Sleep

Stop Snoring With RIPsnore™

You may not be aware, but while you’re sleeping, there is an infinite amount of pushing and prodding being inflicted on you all night long. All in a feeble attempt to stop the roaring vehement snoring originating from your side of the bed. Undoubtedly there is a sleep race happening every night. Your partner is frantically trying to fall into a deep sleep before you do. The results, if they fail will be both dramatic and drastic. Depressingly, when the mission has been accomplished and they are fast asleep, the loud snoring often interrupts the sleep cycle. In those cases when they have not fully awakened, the cycle still needs to start over, which leads to an uneasy interrupted sleep(more…)