About Ripstrips

Ripstrips are an advanced nasal strip designed from RIPsnore. We have been dedicated to resolve snoring problems with Men and women , both young and old for over a decade. This new product targets the sleepers who breathe through their nose and suffer from snoring.

Ripstrips are registered with the TGA and have a proven success rate for over 85% of the users. We have a growing distribution network with chemists throughout Australia and New Zealand. With high demand we are quickly expanding through RIPsnore around the globe.

Have A Better Night Sleep With Ripstrips

    • Sleep Better
    • Instant Relief
    • Opens Nasal Congestion
    • One Size Fits All
    • No Medication
    • Relieve Snoring

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How To Use Ripstrips


Ripstrips have stopped my partner from snoring. Period. We both wake up in the morning feeling more energised getting full nights sleep. Best of all I don’t have to go to the couch anymore to get full nights sleep.

Anna Henderson

For years now I’ve been sleeping in the spare room because my wife couldn't bare my snoring. Ripstrips stopped my snoring on the very first night. So easy to use such a great result! Thank you very much

Mike Walsh