Australia’s Number 1. Mouthguard For Snoring

The Sleep Health Foundation Survey 2016 indicates 43% of adults suffer mild, medium and chronic snoring.  So almost 1 in 2 of your customers or their partners walking through your chemist doors suffer from snoring.  This has many different negative effects on a snorers wake time behaviours, not to mention interrupting the sleep of their partners which causes tiredness, frustration and can put strain on the relationship.

RIPsnore is a proven solution to reduce or stop your snoring or your valued customer can get a full refund.  When the RIPsnore mandibular device is fitted correctly it will stop you snoring by slightly holding the lower jaw forward whilst sleeping which opens up the airway and stops the vibration which is what causes snoring.

Tips on selling the RIPsnore™ mouthguard for snoring;

  1. Ask your customers if they snore or their partner does and if they would like it to stop.
  2. Inform them that you have a class 1 medical device (RIPsnore) which will assist them in stopping snoring. It is A Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) Also inform them to go to the website and watch the instructional video on how to fit.
  3. Two Devices in each pack and can be remoulded 3-4 times for best fit.
  4. Tell them if they are not happy with the device they can get their money back as it has a 45 day money back guarantee.

10 Reasons to stock RIPsnore’s™ mouthguard for snoring;

  • 43% of Australian adults snore at some stage in their life
  • 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • FREE Counter Stands for Max. Exposure
  • Class 1 Medical Device / TGA Registered
  • 1300 473 805 Hotline Monday-Friday
  • 2 Devices in Each Pack
  • 98% success rate
  • 100% Owned and Operated by Australians
  • 800 Resellers Nationwide
  • NOW available through Symbion

mouthguard for snoring

Why Read Mouthguard For Snoring Reviews

There are a lot of products which can help you stop snoring out there, thousands upon thousands of them. This is a huge industry. However, we won’t lie to you. The vast majority of the products out there on the market are absolutely terrible. They won’t work. However, you won’t discover that they do not work until it is far too late. This is where snoring products reviews come into play.

Snoring products reviews allow you to see how well other people have got on with the stop snoring product that they have selected. Whether it be an anti-snoring tape, mouth guard, or something else altogether, perhaps a herbal spray. This means that you will know whether the product will work in advance of you actually purchasing it, which could save you a great deal of money in the long run (most people will buy dozens upon dozens of products before they find something which has even a remote chance of working)

One of the main reasons as to why you will really want to read those snoring products reviews is that the best of them tend to give some pretty decent advice about how to use the product. They will even give advice about who the product is suitable for. Remember, there are a number of different causes of snoring. Just because a product is highly rated, it does necessarily mean that it is going to be beneficial for you

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