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Celebrating 10 years this year and 5 years available through chemists. Around the country RIPsnore is Australia’s number anti snoring device.  We are currently wholesaling through Symbion to major Chemist chains like Blooms The Chemist, TerryWhite Chemmart, Amcal, Pharmacy 777, Priceline Pharmacy and the list goes on.

Snoring can create social, relationship and health problems. For the partner as well as the snorer. Studies show that partners of those who snore find they have more health problems than those whose don’t. Health effects can include hearing loss and increased stress levels and much more. 

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the loudest snores recorded reached 93 decibels. The same decibels of about the volume of a diesel engine.This isn’t funny if you’re regularly losing sleep because of your partner’s snoring. Or if you’re repeatedly woken by a dig in the ribs for your snoring.

What Are These Anti Snoring Devices?

RIPsnore is a class 1 medical device and is registered with the TGA.  It is a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) or an anti-snoring device when fitted correctly will eradicate the snoring.  It also can reduce the number of sleep apnoea episodes each night for those who suffer from sleep apnoea.  If you have medium or severe sleep apnoea it is recommended you see a sleep deprivation clinic.

RIPsnore is very safe and fitted by moulding the device to your upper and lower jaw.  The key to RIPsnore success is to protrude or push your lower mandible (jaw) forward whilst fitting the device.  The moulding procedure is very much like fitting a sports month guard and you can mould the device up to 3 times for a best and more comfortable fit.  This is patented technology which will stop you snoring.


anti snoring devices


Anti Snoring Devices & What People Are Saying

Testimonials for RIPsnore have been coming in for a decade from all around the world.  Not only will it stop the snoring it gives the snore a better night’s sleep which has many more positive effects to the persons health.  1000’s of partners have emailed in saying RIPsnore saved their relationship.  Some couples who have been sleeping apart for years are now happily together in the same bed.

For suffers of mild, medium and chronic snoring as well as mild sleep apnoea RIPsnore is a onestep solution. If it doesn’t work for you within 45days, you can get your money back it is that simple. RIPsnore is available through pharmacies and chemists all over Australia. For those millions who suffer from snoring and their partners this is a must try product.

What Is The Deal Nasal Strip Anti Snoring Devices?

Nasal strips are one of the most-effective snoring solutions out there. They are also one of the most popular. On this page, we are going to take a little look at how a nasal strip helps to provide snore relief.

So, what is a nasal strip? Well, in its simplest form, it nothing but a small piece of tape. Just before you sleep, you put the tape across your nose. The idea is that it helps to pull open your nostrils. For some people, it can be a little bit of an uncomfortable feeling at the start. You will soon start to get use to it, however.

Nasal strips work by increasing the amount of air that can flow in and out of the nose. This stops the soft tissue inside of the nose from vibrating and that ultimately leads to a virtually snore-free sleep.

Nasal strips are only for those who are dealing with snoring issues due to a problem with their nose. This means that they will only work if your snoring is coming out of your nose. If you are snoring through your mouth, they are not going to be effective in the slightest.

Some people may find that nasal strips are a little bit too expensive to use on a regular basis. This is because each strip will only last a small amount of time before it needs to be replaced. If you are in this camp, you can always start to look into alternate solutions such as nasal rings, also available from your local pharmacist.

anti snoring devices

Nasal strips are, without a doubt, one of the most popular methods out there for dealing with snoring. This is mostly down to the fact that they are easy to get hold of. In addition to this, they tend to be fairly cheap. Are they one of the best ways to stop snoring though? Well, that is what we are going to take a little look at on this page.

Truth be told, nasal strips for snoring are absolutely fantastic. However, they are only going to beneficial to you if your snoring is down to issues with your nose. If your snoring is emanating from your mouth then they are going to be pretty much useless. For most people with nasal issues, however, these are going to be absolutely fantastic.

The only downside is that they can get expensive. Yes, a small packet of nasal strips may be fairly cheap. However, you are going to get through them pretty quickly. Some nasal strips can be reused. Not all of them can, however. It is never recommended that you use nasal strips long-term. You should start to look for other solutions to your symptoms.

In addition to this, nasal strips tend to be fairly comfortable for people. Most people will not even realize that they are there. However, if you want a slightly better solution, and can deal with the discomfort at the start, then you may want to start looking into nasal rings (they get inserted into your nose

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