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Brisbane, QLD, Australia – June 20, 2017: The team at RIPsnore is proud to announce that their anti-snoring device is now available Nationally through the wholesale company, Symbion. RIPsnore is Australia’s number 1 anti-snoring device. We are sold in 800 chemists around the country. RIPsnore has made this announcement to inform all 7,500 chemists in Australia that they can now purchase RIPsnore through the wholesale company Symbion. Symbian being one of the largest suppliers to chemists in Australia. Chemists nationwide now have access to the stocks of RIPsnore through Symbion using the product number 424315. 


“We have been supplying directly to chemists for the last 5 years. The demand became too big for the company to handle the distribution of our product on its own,” said Rohan Campbell, a spokesperson of RIPsnore while making this announcement. “According to the Guinness Book of Records, the loudest snores recorded reached 93 decibels. That is roughly about the volume of a diesel engine and no wonder why snoring causes so many divorces,” she added. According to the RIPsnore team, the distribution through Symbion will enable the brand to reach the majority of chemists in Australia. This will enable RIPsnore to meet the increasing demand for the product across the continent.

Find Your Anti Snoring Device Australia At Your Local Chemist

The sleep health category in Australia is growing rapidly as 80% of the population face snoring issues. Keeping this increasing demand in perspective, all of the chemists who have a ‘sleep health section’ in their store will now be able to stock RIPsnore. In addition, RIPsnore is an anti-snoring solution that comes with a 45 day money back guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction. Chemists will also receive free counter stands and plenty of point of sale brochures and posters from RIPsnore direct.

Our mouthguard is a TGA registered class-1 medical device. Every pack contains two devices. Currently, the company delivers directly to chemists within major chemist groups. These groups include Blooms The Chemists, Terrywhite, Chemmart, Priceline Pharmacy, Pharmacy 777, Amcal, and many more.

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Snoring From The Nose? | Anti Snoring Device Australia Can Help

Snoring from the nose is one of the most common types of snoring. These snoring noises occur when the nostrils narrow as you sleep. The narrowing of the nostrils reduces the amount of air that can leave and enter your nose. The air that does get in and out will cause the side of the nostrils to vibrate which will, in turn, lead to snoring. On this page, we are going to take a little look at some of the best cures for this type of snoring.

First and foremost, you are going to want to head to your local pharmacy. Here you will be able to pick up nasal strips. The purpose of nasal strips, which look very much like a piece of tape, will be to prevent your nostrils from narrowing as you sleep. This will either reduce or completely eliminate your snoring.

In addition to this, you may want to try a new way of sleeping. Many people who suffer from nasal snoring will sleep on their back. This is not good for airflow. You are going to want to try to sleep on your side if you wish to stop the snoring.

If the nasal snoring is seasonal, then you may want to look into other ways to stop snoring. For example; if you deal with hay fever, you should obtain medication for it. If your room is dusty, give it a clean. This will, in most cases, help to reduce your snoring.

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